ASTM International (ASTM)

Website:   www.astm.org
Formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM is the globally recognized leader in international testing standards for materials, products, and services. Heritage Bag uses many ASTM test standards on our products, including ASTM D1709 (dart impact), ASTM D882 (tensile strength), ASTM D6988 (film gauge thickness), and ASTM D1922 (tear resistance). Our BioTuf products meet the ASTM D6400 test standard for compostability.

Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)

Website:   www.bpiworld.org
BPI is the certification authority for U.S. compostable products. Both BPI and the US Composting Council (USCC) recognize ASTM D6400 as the standard for third party testing.


Website:  www.astm.org
This specification covers plastics and products made from plastics that are designed to be composted in municipal and industrial aerobic composting facilities. The purpose of this specification is to establish standards for identifying products and materials that will compost satisfactorily in commercial and municipal composting facilities.

Operation Clean Sweep

Website:   www.opcleansweep.org 
Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) is a product stewardship program of the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Plastics Division and The Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI). Created in 1992, OCS is an international program designed to prevent resin pellet loss and help keep pellets out of the marine environment. The goal of OCS is to implement good housekeeping and pellet containment practices to work toward zero pellet loss. All six Heritage Bag plants participate in the OCS program and are listed as a Program Partner on the OCS website.


Society of the Plastics Industry

Website:   www.plasticsindustry.org
The Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) is a national trade association.   Founded in 1937, SPI is the plastics industry trade association representing the third largest manufacturing industry in the U.S. SPI’s member companies represent the entire plastics industry supply chain, including processors, machinery and equipment manufacturers and raw material suppliers. Heritage Bag is an SPI member company. We also actively participate in the SPI’s Flexible Film and Bag Division and is an active member of the SPI Bioplastics Council.

The Western Plastics Association

Website:   www.westernplastics.org
The Western Plastics Association (WPA) is a trade association dedicated to representing the interests of the plastics industry in the Western States and Canadian Provinces.   WPA was created out of the California Film Extruders and Converters Association (CFECA) trade association, which has represented the interests of the film and bag industry in California and the Pacific Northwest since the 1970’s.   Heritage Bag is a long time member of CFECA, now WPA.

US Composting Council

Website:   www.compostingcouncil.org
The US Composting Council (USCC) is involved in research, training, public education, composting and compost standards, expansion of compost markets and the enlistment of public support. The USCC provides resources, educational materials, training, networking, and career advancement opportunities for professionals and all those affiliated with the composting and organics recycling industry. USCC members include compost producers, marketers, generators of organic residues, policy makers, regulators, equipment manufacturers, product suppliers, academic institutions, public agencies, nonprofit groups and consulting/engineering firms. 

ISSA - International Sanitary Supply Association

Website:   www.issa.com
A global community of more than 6,000 distributor, manufacturer, building service contractor, in-house service provider, and manufacturer representative companies.